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Shangri-la Lodge offers several activities for those who love nature and the sea.

Available activities in Shangri-la Lodge:

-excursion by pirogue, canoe
-visit to the spiny forest with a local guide
-rent snorkelling equipment
-visit to the island in front of Shangri-la Lodge
-day or night fishing with local fishermen

Available activities to reserve:

-diving excursion
-diving baptism
-diving patent
-excursions for whale watching (July to September)
-excursions by quad or motorcycle

A brief description of some of the activities:

Shangri-la Village Services


duration about 3 hours

You will be accompanied by our guide on a cart pulled by two zebu. Here you will get to explore the spiny forest full of beautiful baobab and tamarind and observe flora and fauna native to the area.

Shangri-la Village Services

Visit the island in front of Shangri-la Lodge

One of our canoes, if the weather is favorable, will take you to the rocky island where you can observe numerous species of birds that nest there. Moreover, with the low tide you often catch the fish in some crevices of the rock. It is an excursion that we highly recommend.

Shangri-la Village Services

Snorkeling on the reef

The barrier is about one kilometer far from the beach. You have the choice of a healthy and safe swim or lease of one of our canoes with which you will reach in a few minutes what is considered the second-longest barrier reef in the world. Staying inside the reef, you can swim in the clear waters of the reef where there is an indescribable climate of peace.

We only have limited numbers of snorkelling equipment available, so it is recommended to bring the necessary materials.

Shangri-la Village Services

Day or night fishing with local fishermen

You will be accompanied by local fishermen to the reef in one of our canoes and you will fish using the same equipment as the locals. This is a very interesting experience, but you will have to be patient. This activity is closely linked to weather conditions.

Shangri-la Village Services

Diving and water activities

Shangri-la Lodge was built on a strategic and favorable site. The long reef that combines Tulear to Morombe, shows the full richness of its fauna and flora in the section between Salary and Andavadoaka. Next to the island that is located about a mile from the beach of Shangri-la Lodge, the barrier is interrupted by a deep passage that allows the safety transit of vessels also of great size.

With a notice of at least 20 days, and a minimum of 4 people, we can arrange the following activities:

-diving excursion
-diving baptism
-diving patent
-excursions for whale watching (July to September)

Shangri-la Village Services

Rent a quad or motorcycle

The transfer from Tulear to Shangri-la Lodge occurs normally by car 4x4, but on request it is possible to choose alternative solutions :

-rent of quad (single or two seats)
-rent a moto

It is possible to rent a quad or moto in the city of Tulear paying daily, riding independently along the coast till Ambatomilo, or take advantage of one of the trips organized by our partners who are based in Tulear and operating throughout Madagascar.